Free, fast & portable Search Engine Ranking Checker


Released 28.12.2019

  • Bugfix: fixed Google issue where Google serp was not correctly detected anymore since November 2019
  • Feature: now using different User Agents to reduce bot detection of search engines


Released 26.08.2017

  • Feature: select chart items (10/50/All) default are 10 items
  • Feature: show clickable menu buttons (mouse pointer)
  • Feature: create and delete databases now directly in the tool
  • Feature: support custom countries via config file (wrc.ini file)
  • Bugfix: fixed the tool update check
  • Bugfix: fixed some errors that came when searching


Released on 18.04.2015

  • Feature: set a maximum amount of values in the Chart view


Released on 28.01.2015

  • Feature: now the website list from each search is saved permanently in the database


Released on 12.01.2015

  • Feature: database names can now also contain dots
  • Bugfix: it's not allowed anymore to create a new database with an already existing name
  • Bugfix: the chart name is now updated correctly
  • Bugfix: phrase or website now may no longer be empty when adding new search
  • Bugfix: rename "Hit" from Checking list to "Top"
Website Ranking Checker (ZIP-archive)
Version: 3.2
Uploaded: 12.01.2015
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Released on 12.01.2015

Hint Please check your databases if you upgrade from 3.0. You might need to delete some old database files. If you have a .s3db file in the folder, simply delete it.

  • Feature: possibility to stop current searches
  • Feature: different database files available (file name is equal to the Database name)
  • Feature: proxy server setting available


Released on 06.01.2015

  • Feature: Searches way faster now
  • Feature: no browser anymore, so Javascript does not need to be disabled anymore
  • Feature: Settings are now available
  • Bugfix: window not hanging anymore when database is growing bigger
  • Bugfix: fixed a performance issue in the database creation


Released on 10.12.2014

  • Feature: sorting column diff now ordering for highest value
  • Feature: before deleting searches you are now asked if you really want to do this
  • Feature: clicking the trayicon will now toggle visibility of that main window
  • Feature: Update System
  • Bugfix: cleaned code and presentation view
  • Bugfix: when no search is checked, Run Searches and Delete Searches have no function now
  • Bugfix: improved tray icon
Old version available
Version: 2.1
Uploaded: 10.12.2014
Komprimiertes Archiv im ZIP Format 3.1 MB


Released on 30.11.2014

  • Feature: Timebar system (so you can have a visual overview of how the hits changed from time to time instead of a list)
  • Bugfix: buttons are reordered to reduce unwanted clicks on Delete Search


Released on 28.11.2014

  • Feature: in new Search using tab should highlight the whole text of a textfield
  • Bugfix: increased search limit from 100 to 200
  • Bugfix: resizing whole windows was bugging
  • Bugfix: doubleclicking a website not toggling the browser active status correctly
  • Bugfix: clicking columns from the search no longer lead to exceptions


Released on 20.11.2014

  • Feature: buttons showing status and mouseover event toggling
  • Bugfix: improves Google search results even more
  • Bugfix: divider more responsive in design
  • Bugfix: divider now behaving correct in terms of related listviews
  • Bugfix: listviews now have more place and without divider on top/bottom and looking more fresh


Released on 19.11.2014

  • Feature: the engine Bing is also supported
  • Feature: most-known TLDs of a engine available
  • Feature: resizing the 3 Lists in vertical way possible
  • Feature: version number is right in the main window to see which veryion you are running
  • Bugfix: Google result list counting better
  • Bugfix: resize of the bottom vertical window more user-friendly
  • Bugfix: using color orange for running searches and lightgreen for finished ones


Released on 16.11.2014

  • Fixed design issues
  • Cleaned up project


Released on 15.11.2014

  • Fixed a bug in the rankings


Released on 14.11.2014

  • First stable release