Version History

3.2 (planned)

Released soon

  • Bugfix: improved tray icon
  • Feature: Settings can be saved with the F4 key (helpful when TopMost is disabled and Save button in background of taskbar)
  • Feature: sync IP's with Riot database
  • Feature: LoL client integration
  • Feature: optional view optimized for bottom placement


Released on 09.12.2014

  • Feature: TopMost can be disabled
  • Feature: LCP can be hidden from taskbar
  • Feature: Ping Area can be disabled to see only the Ping Values if you wish


Released on 02.12.2014

  • Feature: when LPC is minimized the CPU usage is lowered by 10 times (so you can now use it as ping checking tray icon with no real CPU impact anymore)
  • Feature: you can save the window position by clicking save button now
  • Feature: now LPC informs you when a new version is released
  • Bugfix: window now has a minimal resize limit
  • Bugfix: trackbar slider is replaced by a nicer and bugfree version
  • Bugfix: text background image is now fixed in the settings
  • Bugfix: foreground of some buttons now fixed


Released on 20.11.2014

  • Feature: improved program icon
  • Feature: a trayicon now showing the average ping
  • Feature: minimize is possible by clicking the trayicon
  • Bugfix: many transparency issues are now solved
  • Bugfix: pixels now properly shown on top of the ping values
  • Bugfix: less CPU usage, better performance overall


Released on 17.07.2014

  • Improved performance
  • fixed some bugs in different hide modes


Released on 14.07.2014

  • Improved and cleaner design
  • now the Google ping entry is written without Top-Level-Domain
  • In-game usage is possible now
  • fixed different visual bugs concerning the ping area


Released on 09.06.2014

  • Improved usability
A Download for this version is available
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Released on 14.05.2014

  • First stable release