3.0 (planned)

Released: soon

  • Feature: Add tabs to realize profiles
  • Feature: Watch and wait for disconnected players to enter room
  • Feature: Champion picker


Released: 11.12.2014

  • Feature: showing how far the detection is now
  • Feature: integrated window about how CC is detecting the Championselect
  • Bugfix: fixed issue with in another way named LoL Client window


Released: 10.12.2014

  • Features: new design, improved overall look
  • Bugfix: improved Write2Chat function
  • Bugfix: improved time CC has to save the clipboard
  • Bugfix: moving the mouse is now more accurate


Released: 09.12.2014

  • Feature: added an update checker
  • Bugfix: fixing some recognition issues


Released: 28.07.2014

  • Feature: reworked the recognition system to work more properly

Prior 2.1

There are no older version history entries there, sorry.